About Goldbucks Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

The goldbucks enterprises private limited is the leading gold dealer in Delhi NCR providing the worth price for jewelry to customers from more than 20 years. We have been on the top with our team of skilled and talented persons who have many years of experience in evaluation of the precious ornaments and so it is not a tough work for them to dig out the highest cash against gold.

Reaching our outlet you are going to open up with some new facilities services washing up all the myths and pre assumptions you have about the trading of the precious ornaments and receiving the highest cash against gold. We are working with offering in a multidirectional way like we are ready to purchase the articles at the same time we have a number of buyers who are joined to us with an interest in purchasing jewelry. Due to having purchase target from many directions we are always ready to deal. This time we also know that people had faced the problems of late payments so it is our priority that after the agreement of the customer the returns will be awarded immediately in the form the customer demands that is if the person is ready to collect cash then it will be given and if there will be a demand of account transfer or any other way then it will also be done as we are ready with multiple methods of payment.

Our Vision

We have a clear vision to reach each and every customer who is willing to sell gold at a high cost. We are running our company with a motto to attend the maximum number of customers and providing the highest possible price for their unused ornaments. We understand the emotional attachment of the articles with your heart and so we try to pay the highest cash against gold immediately. The vision of being the number one company can be a dream of many companies but we have this aim to be on top by handling the maximum number of satisfied customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the needs of the customers who wish to sell gold at a high cost. We are improving our way of working each and every day so that any customer coming to us must be treated well and the deal provided to them must be profitable.

Some of our special features are as follows:

  • We provide the best price and it is as per the current price of gold in the market, so the returns can be about 100% of the value of jewelry and on some occasions and festival, this amount can be 115%.
  • The company can purchase your valuable at any high cost and is capable of providing cash against gold immediately.
  • There will be no extra or hidden charges and all the services will be free.
  • A very easy return policy that is you can stop the deal any time if you are not interested in doing it with us and can take back the ornaments without paying any cost.
  • The transaction and the procedure will be done at a secure place and the privacy of the deal will be maintained throughout the procedure.
  • The entire procedure will be transparent as it will be done in your presence.
  • No support for any illegal selling.